Analysis and Design of Management Information System of an Organization




1.0 Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm- ISBN-13: 978-0133898163



Agile Database Techniques  Effective Strategies for the Agile Software Developer


As a consultant we have worked with object and data professionals, their related technologies, and of course their techniques.  In doing so we have  worked in traditional environments that take a near-serial approach to development as well as more modern environments that take an agile and evolutionary approach to development. Over time I've worked on many different project teams in various roles. Data oriented issues where important, and sometimes even critical to success, on each project.  Although traditional project teams seemed to have a handle on how to deal with data issues the more agile ones often struggled – in part because the data professionals in those organizations preferred to take a serial approach and in part because the object developers didn't appreciate the importance of data-oriented issues.  Being an ex-data specialist (oh no, my horrible secret is out!) and being experienced in object technology I often found ways for the two groups to work together.  My experience was that data professionals were often overly focused on data to the exclusion of the wide variety of challenges faced by object developers and similarly object developers had little or no data-related experience.  So I would help the two groups find ways to work together, to mentor them in each other's techniques, and to help them overcome what is known as the object-relational impedance mismatch.  For these two groups to work together effectively they need to understand and appreciate what the other group is focused on, and I would even call into question the wisdom of having separate groups to begin with. This book describes the skills that both data professionals and object professionals require in order to build modern-day software.

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1.0 Agile Database Techniques- ISBN-0-471-20283-5 



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