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Value of Network Managemennt Solutions for SMB Sector

We wish to introduce Keen Computer Solutions- the Engineering Company that has been involved in all aspects of information technology related to business- Hardware, Software, Solutions and Service- for  three decades.

Our Network Management Solutions has been effective in reducing IT support cost by

80%. We design , host and maintain network management in our own cloud that enables such extraordinary saving and benefits to  business like yours. In fact we have IT service and solutions that out perform traditional service providers in almost every aspect.

We  would be happy to discuss possibilities with you and your in-house IT department. Such discussion is totally free and without any obligation. Please contact us for details.

Each member of Keen Computer Solutions has both formal education and industrial experience in the relevant domains, that is, Information Technology and ,  Application software Development in Cloud Computing. Such expertise are necessary in custom website and e-commerce  solution development.

We look forward to working with you and remain committed to providing cost effective solutions that will be of value. We request you to include us as one of the suppliers of IT products and services, we will be happy to respond to your Tenders and RFP.





Dear Chief Operations Manager;


We are an Engineering Company involved in information Technology, Software and Engineering

Services. We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We have been in business for the  last thirty

years. We operate in North America, India and UK.

We are actively seeking opportunities to tender for projects from your organization. I would appreciate being included in your list of suppliers to your organization. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I also would like to take this opportunity to introduce our online portal for direct online purchase for products and services. We also develop and maintain websites. For website development and general consulting please go to website


Our approach to Cost Management as a Strategy for IT Operation and Maintenance ensures that we can save you a substantial amount of money while increasing operational efficiency of you business operation.

You can call us for free, no obligation initial consultation. Cost Management is a branch of accounting for business operations.


With Regards

Keen Computer Solutions




Professional  Quality of Service Delivery 

 Professional  Quality of Service Delivery

As a professional  Engineering  Company it is our duty to protect customers against  any form abuse and miscommunication. Any service and solutions that we render must adhere to this statutory standard. Professional Engineers are bound by legal ethics  in execution of their duties. As an Engineer we must guard against selling product and service that may not bring clear and tangible benefits.



We provide complex technology and solutions- this means our customers rely on trust to do business with us. It is our implicit and explicit duty  to make sure at any  point in business transaction we do not breach that trust. Omissions, shortcoming, delay, breakages must be communicated to the customer in writing so that the customer must understand the risk and reward at every time. As complex technology brings risks and rewards, it is  our duty to clearly explain such risk and rewards to the customer. In each and every project, we provide written risk and reward analysis.



  Our liabilities are limited to the extent of law of the land. This means we ensure against shortages against second and third parties. Losses resulting to parties not directly related project and service may not be covered. In case you have question regarding liabilities- please contact us regarding what is covered and what is not. In plan and simple English we cover your interest, while most of the other vendors will not provide such coverage.



We sell, service and provide solutions that we think bring value in short term and long term. In case such values rendered is not clear, you can always contact us to demonstrate values in written terms. Please note the person on the ground executing the service many not have the system level picture and comprehension of the entire project. Because of this reason, the person on the ground may not be able to explain the risk and rewards that the project will bring you - the customer. Please direct all such inquiries to us.




What do we do for Business- Keen computer Technical Profiles

Company Overview

Keen Computer Solutions is a Comprehensive  Source for Information Technology Solutions. We provide computer, networking, cloud and E-Business solutions to businesses. In addition, Keen Computer Solutions provides advanced Engineering solutions.


Keen Computer Solutions provides the following types of Solutions:

  • Computer Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Cloud / E-Business Solutions
  • Advanced Engineering Solutions


Keen supplies a wide variety of Technology Products:

  • Personal Computer and Servers
  • Network equipment
  • Webservers, and Cloud access


Keen Computer Solutions offers the following Services:

  • Technology Consulting & Engineering Service
  • Custom Software Development
  • System Development & Implementation
  • System Support, On-Site Installation, Maintenance and Operation


Keen Computer Solutions provides Products and Services for each type of Technology Solution:


                           Computers     Networks    E-Commerce /     Advanced

                                                               Cloud           Engineering

Supplier of

Hardware &

































Development &






















 You can download the full pdf technical detailes form the link below 



1.0 Keen Computer Techncial Profiles  Document Link

Why Choose Keen Computer

  Why Choose Keen Computer


Why Do Business With Us ?


There are many computer companies who can supply you with computer equipment. Why should you do business with us?

Because we do more than just sell computers to customers; we work closely with each client to ensure that they are provided with the best computer solution for their requirements. Specifically, we provide the following:

One-Stop Source For Technology Solutions

Keen Computer Solutions has the expertise to provide you with just about any type of technology that will meet your company’s business needs.

This includes: computers, networking, Cloud Computing, E-commerce, and advancd technologies. Regardless of what your technology needs are, we have a solution for you.

Highly Qualified, Professional People 

Keen Computer Solutions is built on a solid foundation of highly qualified people. We have university degrees in computer engineering or computer science. We also have extensive experience in a wide variety of technology-based industries.

This knowledge and experience ensures that we are qualified to provide you with effective, successful technology-based business solutions.

Optimized Business Solutions 

We work closely with our clients to understand their business, and to fully understand their computer and communication requirements.

Then we develop a customized solution which identifies the equipment, and work, that is needed to provide what the client requires.

Finally, we install and set-up the equipment and software. We test it all out to ensure that it works properly.

What is delivered to the client is an customized, optimized, cost-effective solution.


Quality, Cost-effective Equipment & Service 

We supply only quality computer equipment. All of our equipment have a three year warranty on parts and labor.

 Maximum Return on Investment

Computer equipment is a big investment. Every organization is concerned that they get a good return on their computer investment.

We provide computer systems which maximize your return on investment:



Computer equipment that meets your requirements today, may not be sufficient 4 months from now. Our computer equipment is upgradeable. For example, if you need a more powerful P.C. in the future, we can easily upgrade the power of the P.C. that we provided you.


Our computer networks are scalable. This means that if you need to increase the number of P.C.’s on your network in the future, we can scale up the capability of the Server. We just have to add a component or two to the Server, that we provided to you, to enable it to support the addition P.C.’s.

(Some systems are not scalable, and so they need to be replaced when the number of P.C.’s exceed a certain level.)

Independent Technology Supplier 

Keen Computer Solutions does not have any exclusive deals with any technology suppliers.

This means that we will provide your company with the products and services which are best for you; we do not push certain suppliers.


Keen Customer Service 

Our employees are keen to be of assistance to you. They are friendly and courteous.

Our employees pride themselves in providing superior customer service. They work closely with our clients, they answer all their questions, and they are there when our clients need us. 

Continuous Research and Development

 Keen computers engages in continuous l research and development. We are highly tuned to business needs and industry trends. This results in delivering optimal solutions and better business values.[1][2] Please contact us to  discuss your IT requirements.



1.0 The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization- Peter Senge- ISBN- 0385517254

2.0 Lean Six Sigma for Service : How to Use Lean Speed and Six Sigma Quality to Improve Services and Transactions- ISBN- 9780071418218

About Us

About US  

Keen Computer Solutions is a privately held Limited Liablity Company with head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada. We have branch offices in UK and India. We provide IT products and services related to SMB sector- companies less than 500 computers and servers. We are an Engineering driven company and as such Science and Engineering forms our core technological expertise. We bring our experience in Asia, Europe and North America to serve your business needs.

Contact US



Canadian Sales Office

Keen Computer Solutions

5-1177 Fife Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

R2X 2N6

Canada Phone: 204-480-3393

USA Phone: 408-668-9062


Keen Computer Solutions INDIA

BIZ Office

M14 6th Main Road

Jeevan Bhima Nagar


Phone: +919036919305

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype Id= sourdeep89


Home Office

403 Uron Suryoday

1st main Pai Layout

Bangalore 560016

Phone: +919036919305


Manchester, UK

UK Phone: 01254 601647


Affiliate Partner

Strategic Mind

Robert Turnbull

Toronto, Canada

Phone : 647-243-9321

HRS 9.00-17.00 HRS- EST



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype Id=keensoftware

Joomla  Business Websites

Commercial Joomla Websites






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3.0 Indian Army School- Live Site

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Wordpress Business Websites 




Demo Portfolio

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