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ERP Development in CLOUD Computing January 2010 Design and Implement and ERP Solutions on Cloud.
ARM Development with SYSTEMC/QEMU/TCP/IP(Link) January 2010 Design an Arm System with QEMU and SYSTEMC/TLM and Hardware Codesign.
Distrbuted Enterprise Network Management Implemented Network Management in a Virtual Server for SMB Customer.

Designing a  Website That Deliver Results

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as a Strategy for Business Development Websites and E-commerce



Measuring business performance on the basis of finance alone is flawed. Business performance should include other aspects of the business like:

1.0  Utilization of Assets and Working Capital

2.0 Research and Development and Continuous Learning

3.0 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Development

4.0  Environment and Community- Protection and  Development

5.0 Internal Discipline and Order- Delivery on Time and being Effective

6.0 Employee Satisfaction-  Retention and Skill Based Training




Agile Database Techniques  Effective Strategies for the Agile Software Developer


As a consultant we have worked with object and data professionals, their related technologies, and of course their techniques.  In doing so we have  worked in traditional environments that take a near-serial approach to development as well as more modern environments that take an agile and evolutionary approach to development. Over time I've worked on many different project teams in various roles. Data oriented issues where important, and sometimes even critical to success, on each project.  Although traditional project teams seemed to have a handle on how to deal with data issues the more agile ones often struggled – in part because the data professionals in those organizations preferred to take a serial approach and in part because the object developers didn't appreciate the importance of data-oriented issues.  Being an ex-data specialist (oh no, my horrible secret is out!) and being experienced in object technology I often found ways for the two groups to work together.  My experience was that data professionals were often overly focused on data to the exclusion of the wide variety of challenges faced by object developers and similarly object developers had little or no data-related experience.  So I would help the two groups find ways to work together, to mentor them in each other's techniques, and to help them overcome what is known as the object-relational impedance mismatch.  For these two groups to work together effectively they need to understand and appreciate what the other group is focused on, and I would even call into question the wisdom of having separate groups to begin with. This book describes the skills that both data professionals and object professionals require in order to build modern-day software.

 Please contact one of our engineers, we can help you with agile Database techniques and software engineering solutions.




1.0 Agile Database Techniques- ISBN-0-471-20283-5 



Marketing Sales and Website Development


Marketing Sales and Website Development


admin - Posted on 30 December 2008

These are the books that are commly related to marketing and sales and web authoring

1.0 Positioning- Al Reis
2.0 Google Adwords
3.0 Letting go words
4.0 Copywriting- Bly
5.0 Landing Page Optimization
6.0 Information architecture
7.0 Usability-
8.0 The Pyramid Principle
9.0 Line By Line Proof Reading
10.0 The Hand book of Public Relation
11.0 Enrtreprenurial Marketing
12.0 Gureilla Marketing
13.0 Guerilla Public Rellations
14.0 Innovation nation
15.0 Accidental Branding

More on this later.


Enterpise Development with JAVA


admin - Posted on 25 April 2009

The original distrbuted Enterprise Application Development Platform. Microsoft and IBM have adopted most of these technologies in .NET environment. It is pity that Sun Microssystem, who is the original develops of this technology is geting sold to Oracle. I guess marketing hype is everything, also sun neglected the SMB marketplace.

The following resources have been useful for Java based enterprise development.

1.0 J2EE Enterprise Development
2.0 Apache Tomcat
3.0 BlueJay- SUN SDN
4.0 Comaprison of J2EE and .NET Technology

5.0 Jboss Application Server - Weblink

Java Development- OFBIZ - TOMCAT and ERP Development


Java Development- OFBIZ - TOMCAT and ERP Development


admin - Posted on 04 August 2011

Date 3/08/2011- 12.00 HRS
In this report , I will explain my Journey with Java Servelets programming, Apache Tomcat and Apache OFBIZ project. The idea is to creat a customized version of ERP solutions, based on OFBIZ Framework.

My development server is a Centos 5.5 based duel core system- 4 GB Memory- 500GB Sata-ii connected to me my desktop using VPN. I use Eclipse and Netbeans regularly. My UML editor is Enterpise Architect 7.0. All the Development work Gets done using windows Xp and Windows 7.

Seting Up the Tomcat was Easy- Just download and Install it. Yum has an old package. Any way tomcat runs on Port 8080.

Things that I need to learn to move ahead.
1.0 How do I change the Admin password of Apache Tomcat.
2.0 Run a test example on the Tomcat
3.0 Read the Source code of openbrave and OFBIZ
4.Create Few crucial UML Diagrams of the source code.

1.0 Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition - A great Book and I like the Style.
2.0 Murach's Java SE 6: Training & Reference
3.0 Open Bravo
4.0 Ofbiz

Ecommerce Frameworks- Resource Guide


admin - Posted on 21 February 2009

We work extensively in various ecommerce frameworks, here we list some of the imporatant resources that will help you find information quickly. This is ongoing research work and will change periodically. Please contribute new information, in case I have missed it.

1.0 Magento
3.0 ASP.NET DotNetNuke

4.0 Apache Ofbiz- OFBIZ

5.0 Opencart- weblink

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