Managed service refers to IT service  outsourcing to reduce cost and increase efficiency.


Managed IT service is a common practice in small and large organization and works well with companies that have a fixed and or limited budget. Managed IT service also works well with small IT department that is maintained in house.



Managed IT service provides service in the following eight segments

 1,0  Onsite Support

2.0   Remote Support

3.0  Help Desk

4.0 Change Management

5.0 Hardware Procurement

6.0 Business Continuity and Recovery

7.0 System Security

8.0 Cloud Storage

9.0 Managed  Backup

10  System Monitoring

11.0 Systems Management

12 AI Based Dashboard and Reporting

13 Coordination with Local IT Department


The objective of Above steps are to streamline the operational efficiency of the organization while keeping the IT operational cost  down to a minimum.  This means maximum uptime of critical infra structure like mail server, webserver and wan router without having to incur extra cost.


 Please contact one of the Application engineer to discuss how Managed service can increase operational efficiency of your organization.

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