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  1. Distill both business and IT down to their cores and you end up with a common foundation: data. Arguably, the entire digital transformation trend is fundamentally involved with capturing, securing, analyzing, reporting, visualizing, and distributing both structured and unstructured data to the people and applications needing it.

    Organizations are exploiting this valuable digital resource to drive strategic insights, operational efficiencies, and business success. In short, there’s good reason why data is often characterized as the lifeblood for all business and IT operations.

    Predictably, there are no shortages of challenges associated with tapping data’s inherent value. Given the demands of rapid business responsiveness as well as elevated customer expectations, IT departments must perform much of the necessary data collection, processing, and analysis in near real-time. And, unlike many valuable resources, data isn’t diminishing or in short supply. To the contrary, data generators and sources, as well as data volumes, are all increasing at a mind-boggling pace.

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  2. By:  Samantha Duncan

    Insurance companies are trusted to accurately assess risk and provide timely support to their customers. To do that, it’s critical their agents are as productive as possible.

    In many cases, agent productivity is analyzed based on outputs – the premiums written and the loss ratio of their network of independent agencies. However, this doesn’t provide a complete view of how an insurance company can increase agent productivity. Are all agents properly trained? Are they engaged in high-priority activities? Is the agency understaffed?

    Answering those questions can be difficult regardless if teams are working remotely, in-office, or a hybrid environment. Some other challenges that managers face include:

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  3. 594553 vmw zero carbon commtted graphic only

    Having personally worked to understand and address carbon emissions from delivering cloud services, I welcome VMware’s Zero Carbon Committed initiative as a means of demonstrating what is possible, encouraging further innovation, and positively encouraging organizations to understand and reduce their own carbon footprints, before it is too late.  -- John Godwin, Director of Compliance and IA

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  4. News of the Great Resignation isn’t overblown.

    Some 4 million people quit their jobs in July, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. And companies reported a record-breaking high of 10.9 million open positions. The IT profession is feeling the effects of that churn, with 80% of tech managers saying they’ve seen an increase in turnover in 2021, according to staffing firm Robert Half.

    Seeing all that talent walk out the door is challenging, but losing top workers is even harder — and happening more and more.

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  5. Applicant tracking system defined

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software used to help manage and automate hiring and recruitment practices for an organization by providing a centralized location to manage job postings, filter job applications, sort through resumes, and identify strong candidates for open positions. ATS software often uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to score and sort resumes based on how well they align with job requirements. Candidates that pass through ATS filters are then matched with recruiters or hiring managers to move to the next steps in the hiring process.

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