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  1. InfoWorld’s 2021 Bossie Award Winners
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    Money may not grow on trees, but it does grow in GitHub repos. Open source projects produce the most valuable and sophisticated software on the planet, free for the taking, dramatically lowering the costs of information technology for all companies. If you’re looking for the cutting edge in software, look to today’s open source projects.

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  2. CodeSee, a maker of tools that help developers to visualize and understand large codebases, has unveiled OSS Port, a community website that aims to connect potential contributors with open source projects, and ease the process of onboarding.

    CodeSee says it is addressing a situation in which developers spend more time trying to understand code than write it. With OSS Port, maintainers of software projects can provide best practices, guidance, and interactive visual walkthroughs of their codebases using CodeSee Maps, a technology now in beta for visualizing codebases and mapping their flow of execution.

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  3. A massive 92% of hiring managers reported difficulty finding and retaining enough open source talent this year, as competition for these skills gets fiercer. That’s according to the latest Open Source Jobs Report by the Linux Foundation and edX, which surveyed 200 technical hiring managers and 750 open source professionals worldwide over the summer.

    As the report notes, cloud adoption is up post-pandemic as organizations take the brakes off their legacy migration and digital transformation plans. And until the robots take over, these plans need skilled people to execute them. The spiking demand for these skills is creating a major tech talent crunch as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  4. The decade-long legal battle between two of the world’s largest tech companies has finally come to an end. The result was a victory for the open-source software community.

    In case you need a refresher on the Oracle v. Google case, Oracle sued Google in 2010 for copyright infringement on Google’s use of Oracle’s Java API in its Android smartphone operating system. The District Court ruled in favor of Google, but that decision was later reversed on appeal. The case ultimately landed in the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled six to two in Google’s favor this April.

    The final verdict? Google’s usage was indeed fair use—a win for open source.

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  5. A friend recently sent me a DM on Twitter, suggesting the thing AWS really needs is “a flagship [open source] project” to boost its open source bona fides. He then offered some examples of what others have done: “Where’s AWS’s Android, Kubernetes, Tensorflow, VS Code?” Most of these are from Google, with the exception of vscode, which is a Microsoft project (not to be confused with Visual Studio Code, which is built on vscode but isn’t itself open source). It’s a familiar argument, but not a persuasive one. After all, AWS has Firecracker, the CDK, and other open source projects. But that’s not really the issue.

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