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Business Development Website-  Analysis and Design Process

We have worked over the years in various aspects of business development using IT. We are currently expanding our business in software development areas like web portal development and E-commerce solutions.Websites and E-commerce are areas where a large number of businesses can benefit from quality marketing and sales assistance.


Competitive strategy, branding , positioning, lead generation, social media are some of the activities that we engage along with website development. The end result is an effective total marketing solution. But you do not need to break the bank. We can work in various ways to suit your budget and your requirements. You can pay for your marketing effort and website development in a way that best suits your circumstances. The economy is going through structural change and more people are looking for products and services using mobile devices and on social media. This means old ways of marketing and sales are no longer going to work.

It has become very important that your marketing initiative embraces mobile devices and social media. As a part of Website Development for your business, we do the following:

1. Competitive Strategy Analysis

2. Branding and Positioning

3. Develop a Marketing Plan and Demo the Graphics

4. Create Agile Business Development Strategy

5. Develop a Core Story

6. Acquire New Customers

7. Build Relationships

8. Show Customer Stories

9. Promote Retention of Existing Customers

10. Up Sell and Cross Sell

11. Develpop Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization

12. Build Trust

13. Develop Positive Communication

14. Develop Lead Generation (a) Identify Plan Flaws and Gaps (b) Establish a Business Persona (c) Resonate with Prospects (d) Engage with Prospects

We are looking for new customers that share these values and objectives. Our methods are based on our academic pedigree and industrial relevance .We believe we can add value to your endeavour. Please contact us for further discussion.


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