Designing a Website That Deliver Results - KPI as a Strategy

Designing a  Website That Deliver Results

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as a Strategy for Business Development Websites and E-commerce



Measuring business performance on the basis of finance alone is flawed. Business performance should include other aspects of the business like:

1.0  Utilization of Assets and Working Capital

2.0 Research and Development and Continuous Learning

3.0 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Development

4.0  Environment and Community- Protection and  Development

5.0 Internal Discipline and Order- Delivery on Time and being Effective

6.0 Employee Satisfaction-  Retention and Skill Based Training


 A  business metric based on the above six  criteria is called Key Performance Indicator ( KPI) of a business[1]. In complex B2B  and B2C sales  a typical purchaser is buying a product and service to address the above KPI  metric requirements, implicitly and or explicitly. A business development website exists to  explain and educate the potential customer, how the product and service solve a particular problem of the customer with in the above KPI metric [2].

 A websites's main purpose is to expand and to develop business and generate leads for valuable customers which in turn lead to increased revenue and business growth. Unfortunately, over 92% percent of Small Business  websites- websites whose main purpose is to expand and develop business and generate leads to valuable customers that generate revenue and business growth-  are not effective. There are multiple reasons, however the most important being the website designer's failure to understand the Key Performance indicator (KPI) of the target market segment and the Most Valuable Customers' KPI[1]. A minor problem being inability to understand your own business KPI.

No one is interested in your product and solution- yes that is true, you better believe it - unless they have a problem. No one buys a product and solution, unless they have pressing needs. The solution that you offer has to satisfy the customer needs and generate value and create revenue for customer. Understanding this value creation [2], explaining that to target customer segment is the key marketing activity. A  well designed website partially fulfills that communication and marketing need. Website is not a silver bullet to marketing, however it is the best bullet, most effective bullet, the most powerful bullet, most accurate bullet. most inexpensive bullet that  you have right now.

Business Development  websites needs to resonate with target customers and their needs. Understanding key performance Indicator(KPI) of the target industry and the selected customers is crucial. If you do not understand the KPI of the customer and the target industry - you are wasting your business development effort.


 Your own business  KPI is a reflection of the market and KPI of the customer you serve. Uunderstanding of your Own KPI and customer  you server and Market segment of the customer  should be the key strategy for you marketing and sales. It is more important today to align your E-business- website-e-commerce with this dual KPI of yourself and the intended customer


At Keen Computer Solutions we work with you to make this happen. Understanding your KPI and KPI of the Industry and  Key customer profiles is the first step in our design process. KPI is relevant for B2B and B2C market. In short we create websites that is relevant to your target market.


  Today 80% of internet traffic is mobile and for this reason we create websites that are 100% responsive and mobile friendly. We use content management system (CMS)  for website creation so that quick updates  are possible. We also maintain your website.  Branding, Positioning and Public relations on social network is our added strength,

Please contact one of our engineers for initial consultation.




1.0  Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs-

       David Parmenter ISBN: 1118925106

2.0  Value Proposition Design- ASIN: B00MI47IL0


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