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1.0 Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm- ISBN-13: 978-0133898163

 Customer Stories- Kerio Mail  Server Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customer Stories- Kerio Mail  Server Improves Customer Satisfaction


A   large municipal organization was in Email crisis. Its taxpayers were demanding immediate answer to questions they were asking  using smart phone  email.  In many instances, the conversation started over multiple years ago. Answering these questions required looking at the emails over multiple years and in particular searching the email database over multiple user computers.


To make the matter worse- many times emails were dispersed over 50 different computer mailboxes in multiple buildings.


Over the years the volume of email grew so much that it was not possible to store all the emails on the email client databases  like  Microsoft outlook and Microsoft outlook express. The volume of the email was far in excess over the max size limit of the email client. Switching to other email client like Mozilla Firebird was not a solution, since they  also have a hard size limit. As the size of email grew the email client startup time also become a problem. The central problem was of storing all the emails of every employee for at last 10 years so that accurate answers to taxpayer  questions could be returned.


It was at this point Keen Computer got involved with the customer. We examined the customer requirement and realized the customer needed a cloud based email server. For cost consideration Kerio mail server was chosen for the solution. Kerio Mail server provides continuous virus and spam protection. In fact, its virus and spam database is updated every 2 hours. The virus protection is significant, since many of the taxpayers personal computers were infected with virus and this was causing spread of virus through emails. By centrally removing and scanning all the outgoing and incoming email we were able to reduce the incidence of the virus infection by 99.95 percent. This was a tremendous achievement for the municipal operation.


Also, by storing all the user emails in a central mail server database, any person could use  the database for searching relevant communication that happened in last 10 years. There was no more missing emails over multiple building and multiple computers. Accurate answers could be given to taxpayers within minutes. This improved operational accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Also the hosted email server  provided mobile email access to the office email, This feature was considered mandatory for emergency personnel and bylaw officers. In short Kerio mail server was able to solve the  central issues of the business email. Kerio mail server  virtually eliminated the spam and virus from the corporate email. Each year the organization only had to purchase the antivirus and spam filter subscription at a fraction of the Initial cost.


 Email is vital for business today. A commercial grade email server is essential for business operation. In case you are experiencing email problems and want to discuss improvements in your business email, please contact us for details. Initial consultation if free , of course.




1.0  Open Exchange Server


2.0 Kerio Mail Server-


3.0 Microsoft Exchange Server-


4.0 Open-stack Cloud Computing



Cost  Management as a Strategy in Enterprise IT Solutions


According to Macroeconomic analysis [1] of the Canadian SMB sector, 

a couple of interesting observation were made by  Bank of Canada:


1.0 Business  efficiency is unacceptably low

2.0 Operating costs are very high

3.0 Resistance to embrace Information technology and subsequent changes that it requires.

4.0  Lack of  Research and Innovation within general business  sector.

5.0  Monopoly in various sector makes Canada  noncompetitive.

6.0  An attitude of entitlement exists in various sectors.

7.0 Service sector has an attitude of getting away with fleecing customer.

8.0  Low accountability in salary and real output of an employee and an organization.

9.0 Non existing training facility for existing employees in SMB sector.


Value of Network Managemennt Solutions for SMB Sector

We wish to introduce Keen Computer Solutions- the Engineering Company that has been involved in all aspects of information technology related to business- Hardware, Software, Solutions and Service- for  three decades.

Our Network Management Solutions has been effective in reducing IT support cost by

80%. We design , host and maintain network management in our own cloud that enables such extraordinary saving and benefits to  business like yours. In fact we have IT service and solutions that out perform traditional service providers in almost every aspect.

We  would be happy to discuss possibilities with you and your in-house IT department. Such discussion is totally free and without any obligation. Please contact us for details.

Each member of Keen Computer Solutions has both formal education and industrial experience in the relevant domains, that is, Information Technology and ,  Application software Development in Cloud Computing. Such expertise are necessary in custom website and e-commerce  solution development.

We look forward to working with you and remain committed to providing cost effective solutions that will be of value. We request you to include us as one of the suppliers of IT products and services, we will be happy to respond to your Tenders and RFP.




 Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Definition

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is the "fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes aimed at achieving radical improvements in essential contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed" (Hammer and Champy, 1993).




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