How A Real-Estate Development  Company  Avoided Cost and Time Overrun with Cloud Based Alfresco Collaboration Server

A Real Estate Developer Save 10 million and more by avoiding Cost Overrun and Avoiding Deadline Penalty

A Real  Estate  Developer in Canada was in the process of developing  a shopping mall  Complex in Canada.  The shopping mall was  a complex development and communication and coordination was key. The list of Departments that was involved in the project  approval as large and diverse. The list below is a partial summary:


  1. City Council

  2. City Planning Department

  3. Water and Sewer Department

  4. National Highway Department

  5. Provincial Highway Department

  6. National Cemeteries

  7. Environmental Planning Council

  8. Real Estate Brokers

  9. Anchor Tenants like Big Box Stores

  10. Design Architects

  11. Civil Engineers

  12. Construction Companies

  13. Plumbing Sub trade

  14. Electrician Sub trade

  15. Carpenturs Sub trade

  16. Electrical  Engineers

  17. HVAC Engineers

  18. Banks and  Financial  Investors

  19. Mortgage Brokers

  20. Investors in Public Traded Stocks of the Company doing Development

  21. Taxpayer for the City

  22. Aboriginal Groups

  23. Land Title Office


As the company doing the real estate development was located in  a city 3500 KM away, added extra dimension to the problem.  The follow of information and various revisions that came with it became a nightmare.  Other than the secretary, most of the people were at site or at  various offices during business hours. You can reach them by phone and  mobile email, face to face meeting was expensive and difficult to conduct. However face to face meeting to discuss various issues and documents was becoming a critical issue. It was at this  point of time  Keen Computer Solutions got involved.


 A  classic project management and operations management analysis of the situation was performed. The operations management along with project management was done to understand the workflow - who does what and when.  We realized at this point  that each domain  of expertise  has its vocabulary and  protocol that needs to be followed. A blog of the various domain expertise and document revision become critical requirement. The  requirement of work flow also became evident at this point. We used UML based business process analysis to model the operations management of the real estate development company  and the various authorities that it needed permissions from[1][2][3].[5]


A collaboration and document management  solutions was introduced as the solution.  The requirement of the solution was that it must be accessible from mobile phone, tablet and laptop and desktop. We  recommended Alfresco    Collaboration Server [1] as the solution. It is   a cloud server  hosted solution and has excellent mobile interface, It has  robust revision control  and work flow management that is so crucial for the present business. The Alfresco collaboration server was hosted on Keen Computer cloud service using  OpenStack  technology. The solution was elegant, functional and cost effective.


After the completion of the project the impact and value of the collaboration server was investigated and the following points were observed.


  1. The  collaboration server was able to avoid cost and time over runs - the value of which could be easily 10 Million.
  2. The collaboration server helped see documents on tablets and pc and smartphone of  the construction site,
  3. By uploading site images from tablet and smart phone to collaboration server, people were aware of the real situation on a timely basis. Without online collaboration that was impossible.
  4. Various monitoring and environmental agency could see the progress first hand.


The project was a immense success and it was noted  that collaboration server from Alfresco should be used in E-Government solutions. The use of Microsoft Sharepoint was avoided because of closed  and proprietary architecture .



 The Alfresco collaboration server was integrated with Liferay horizontal portal for the company and this formed a complete solution, that was easy to navigate.



In Summary


Alfresco collaboration server was a success for the real estate developer. The cost  and time overrun which are common on such projects was substantially reduced with collaboration server/ The value of collaboration server on e-government was demonstrated.

Please contact us for details and how you can use collaboration serve to avoid time and cost over run, One of our solution engineers will be happy to discuss possibilities.




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Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing

Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing



Writing, Communication, Grammar and Editing


admin - Posted on 18 February 2009

I need to improve my communication abilities and I am working on few resources. I have realized that nothing is more important than communication. I also realize that communication is a moving target. Good communication can be learnt but can not be taught.

1.0 Purdue Owl
2.0 The Canadian Oxford Guide to Writing- ISBN-0-19-340870-5
3.0 Canadian Writer's Handbook- 5th Edition- ISBN-9780-195418255
4.0 Line By Line- How to Edit Your Own Writing- MLA- Claire Cook-ISBN 978-0-395-39391-8
5.0 Presenting to Win-Jerry Weisman- ISBN 978-0-13-714417-4


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Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010

Web Site Marketing and SEO - 2010



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1.0 Search Engine Marketing Inc
2.0 MIT Design Talk- see attachment
3.0 MIT Web Communication
4.0 SEO Resources-2008
5.0 You Tube Video
6.0 You Tube- Matt Cuts
7.0 Communicating Design- Dan Brown-ISBN-0321392353
8.0 Google Mutivariate Test
9.0 Successful Web Analetics

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