Virtual Private Network- VPN


Virtual Private Network- VPN

 What is VPN?


 VPN Is a method of connecting your computer  network to another computer network using internet.

 The resulting solution acts like a seamless network that spans your local network and remote network.

 In plain  terms , you can read write files on a computer that is not physically located on your computer. The operation success of the VPN depends on the  speed of the internet connecting two networks.

 VPN typically operates between router to router. Such VPN solutions requires configuring connecting routers.  Recently there are solutions that are considered to be zero installation VPN, which removes the configuration of route to archive VPN solutions. Such solutions are quite flexible.

VPN  solutions are  valuable for small business.   One scenario is that your accountant or outside marketing executive can work from home and hotel and at the same time access the files from the office computer. An example will be last minute per point presentation accessed oven VPN.

 VPN also enables effective use of a software license. A costly software and its license can be shared using vpn to the central license server. The cost saving can be quite profound.

 Please contact us for  VPN solutions and how we can increase productivity. One of our engineers will be happy to assist you without cost and or obligation.



 How does it Work

 How SMB derives  value  using VPN


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