Digital Marketing- Strategy, Tactics and Value Mapping

Digital Marketing- Strategy,  Tactics and Value Mapping


Digital Marketing: Frameworks and References

Digital Marketing is about using websites and e-commerce portal to market your product and services.  Nowadays content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, DNN and Liferay are used for such purposes. These frameworks are open source and widely used as a  Digital Marketing platforms.


In implementing a digital marketing  a Competitive strategy, value proposition and tactics are very Important. The strategy, value chain and tactics are very similar to  traditional business marketing and sales only they are now implemented on a digital platforms.

Content Marketing is Important

Modern Digital Marketing  uses education based marketing and it is called content marketing. The objective is to use education and Information as the first class citizen in  the market place. The good old method of sale, sale sale is to be avoided in the modern Digital Marketing. Content Strategy is well suited in  complex product and solutions industry. An example will be Digital Marketing of software solutions.


How to get  web Traffic

You can get instant traffic by PPC method using, google, face-book, twitter,  & linkedin. These methods of web traffic is effective but can be expensive. You have to create a budget and amount  of traffic that you want for your website.

Landing Page Optimization and UX Design

The landing page must be pleasing and functional. The landing page must have a  lead capture for visitors that you can send email newsletter. Also the landing page must tell clearly what are your products, services and solutions. Ineffective landing pages can hinder your business and prospeacts.

 Display Advertising

 You can place landing page advertisement to draw attention to your specific products and solutions. This is very effective during festival and specific promotions, such as Christmas  promotions.

 Search Engine Optimization Is Important

 Your website needs to be found on the web. for this reason search engine optimization is important. Google keywords and metatags for the articles helps  your website's findability and you must  pay attention to such details.

 Social Media Posting

 Your presence on Twitter, face-book. Linkedin determines your presence in the digital world. You have to regularly post articles to keep customers  informed.

 Video Marketing

 Video Marketing is increasingly important and your presence in you tube is a must. However Creating you tube video is expensive and complex endeavour.

 Email Marketing:

 Sending out Newsletter using email is very effective form of direct Marketing. The lead generation on front page is the starting point  of the email Marketing.

 Responsive Website Design

The website and e-commerce must be able to respond to various display devices-  wide desktop, tablet and smart phones. Modern website must be responsive for this purpose. In fact google will not index your website if the site is not responsive.

 Mobile Website

The website must be mobile friendly of people  reading email on mobile devices and are using mobile devices to navigate the website. In fact,  most of the people browse your website after work using mobile devices between 7-9 PM according to survey.

 Website Effectiveness Measurement

 You must measure the effectiveness of the Digital Marketing Campaign. For this you can use google analeptics and other measurements. Measuring effectiveness is key to your marketing success.Quite often agile and lean methods are used to make the website effective if initially  the website is not very effective. A  modern type of  experiment called growth hacking is used in this stage to make the website effective from ineffective state very rapidly.

 Summary and Execution

 You must choose a domain name for your business and   a digital marketing expert. We provide cloud computing facility to host large and small websites and e-commerce sites. Contact us for your custom tailored and effective website and E-commerce solutions. Digital marketing is your key to modernization of your existing or new business.



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