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Business Development websites based on word press frameworks are a popular and well suited platform for various small and medium sized businesses.  Word press websites are well suited to describe product, service and solutions that most of the small businesses specialize in[1].

 In a complex service based industry - that is the main focus for various trade related businesses- digital marketing activity are well suited for word press platforms. The business owner can describe and educate potential customers using various blogs and news postings 

A roofing contractor can describe the various latest roofing techniques that a residential and commercial customer may find useful.


An electrician can describe the benefits of LED lights and solar energy[2].


A plumber  can talk about  how to secure a cottage plumbing for the winter.


The ability to communicate in two ways is  one of the main strengths of the modern website. Such two way instantaneous communication was not possible before. The main value of a business website is two way instantaneous communication and customer feedback. These feedbacks provide you with insight of what is working and what is not.

 In many small businesses, communicating with existing customer and potential customers are important,  and for this reason a customer database is crucially important. We typically use  your customer database to send newsletters once a month to promote products and services that you offer. The newsletter basically tells your customer that you are alive and kicking and you are growing with the new do-da that the industry has to offer. In other words they should not look for you  in local obituary column or  hunt down your name in local cemetery registry.


In fact a regular newsletter is a key element  of marketing of a small business.

Keen Computer Solutions specializes in creating wordpress based websites that are cost effective and fully functional for business development in the following areas:

1.0 Construction Industry

2.0 Roofing Industry

3.0 Electrician and associated Trade

4.0  Plumbing and Sanitation

5.0  Carpentry and Cabinet making

6.0  Windows and Door Installation Industry

7.0  Automotive repair industry

8.0 Clothing and Garment Industry

9.0 Hospitality and Food Industry

10.0 Automotive Repair and Sales industry


 Keen computer designs websites, hosts them on our cloud platforms and maintains them for upgrades and patches and security assessment. We also write your newsletter and send them to various email lists. A complete  digital marketing solution is available at an affordable cost. In case you  have social media marketing campaign on Google and Facebook, we also undertake that.

 Technically word press based website  provides a platform of instantaneous two way communication with your existing customer, who drives your repeat sales and potential customers that are possibly your future new  customers. This two way communication and education based marketing forms the key value of a website. The old ways of dog and pony show marketing is dead and intelligent people hate that. People need to be informed before they make purchasing decision.

In digital marketing you can talk about customer stories that form powerful connection to customer emotions. In fact, we urge you to market your services, which are abstract ,invisible and intangibles using customer stories.  People can connect to your customer stories and feel the empathy. This empathy in turn builds the customer base[2].


The monthly newsletter and various benchmarks will provide you precise scientific  method of analysis; what works and what does not. By experimenting  with news content and format, you will  quickly come up with a winning formula for  your marketing segment. This is also called lean digital marketing- a term you can remember for your beer drinking buddies to impress them.

 We  design, host and maintain your website for business development.. In addition we also create newsletter and mail them so that a complete and  effective, yet cost conscious  digital marketing solution can be built for your business.

We provide success  guarantees, If you are not satisfied, we can provide the money back guarantee. Of course certain conditions apply. Please contact keencomputer to get started on digital marketing today.


1.0 Word Press The Missing Manual- Oreille-  ISBN-13: 978-1449341909

2.0 Selling the  Invisible- Beckwith ISBN-13: 978-0446672313

3.0 Dan Kennedy- LeadGeneration

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