Computer  System Security and Solutions 


 This article covers the content of the   Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP)   examination content. The article also addresses the IEEE and ACM curriculum of the Computer System Security. The scope of the article  is large and as such the article will be divided into  various sections as we  progress through the article. The following topics will be covered:


  1.  Practical Security Assessments
  2.  Internet Authentication Protocols
  3.  Public Key Cryptography and Message Security
  4.  Legal and Ethical Aspects of Data Center
  5.  Human Resource security
  6. IT Security Plans, control and procedures
  7. Trusted Computing and Multilevel Security
  8.  Buffer Overflow
  9. Intrusion Detection
  10.  Malicious Software
  11. Access Control
  12.  Cryptographic Tools
  13.  User Authentication
  14.  Database and Cloud  Security
  15.  Denial of Service Attacks
  16. Firewalls and Intrusion  Prevention System
  17.  Software Security
  18.  Security Management and Risk Assessment
  19.  Physical  and Infrastructure Security
  20.  Security Auditing
  21.  Symmetric Encryption and Message Security
  22.  Internet Security protocol and Standards
  23.  Wireless Network Security



The  text book of Stallings and MIT-OCW course  cover broad areas and well suited for computer systems security for enterprise and small business. In case you need to implement computer security measures, please contact one of our Engineers.



 1.0 Computer Security- Principals and Practice-  Stallings

2.0 Computer Systems security- MIT OCW Weblink






Business Development websites based on word press frameworks are a popular and well suited platform for various small and medium sized businesses.  Word press websites are well suited to describe product, service and solutions that most of the small businesses specialize in[1].

 In a complex service based industry - that is the main focus for various trade related businesses- digital marketing activity are well suited for word press platforms. The business owner can describe and educate potential customers using various blogs and news postings 

A roofing contractor can describe the various latest roofing techniques that a residential and commercial customer may find useful.


Digital Marketing- Strategy,  Tactics and Value Mapping


Digital Marketing: Frameworks and References

Digital Marketing is about using websites and e-commerce portal to market your product and services.  Nowadays content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, DNN and Liferay are used for such purposes. These frameworks are open source and widely used as a  Digital Marketing platforms.


In implementing a digital marketing  a Competitive strategy, value proposition and tactics are very Important. The strategy, value chain and tactics are very similar to  traditional business marketing and sales only they are now implemented on a digital platforms.

Content Marketing is Important

Modern Digital Marketing  uses education based marketing and it is called content marketing. The objective is to use education and Information as the first class citizen in  the market place. The good old method of sale, sale sale is to be avoided in the modern Digital Marketing. Content Strategy is well suited in  complex product and solutions industry. An example will be Digital Marketing of software solutions.


Designing a  Website That Deliver Results

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as a Strategy for Business Development Websites and E-commerce



Measuring business performance on the basis of finance alone is flawed. Business performance should include other aspects of the business like:

1.0  Utilization of Assets and Working Capital

2.0 Research and Development and Continuous Learning

3.0 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Development

4.0  Environment and Community- Protection and  Development

5.0 Internal Discipline and Order- Delivery on Time and being Effective

6.0 Employee Satisfaction-  Retention and Skill Based Training


Information Architecture for Large Websites



 Information Architecture for  Large Websites

 Please note we are working on this article


We use iA in the design and development of  E-commerce and CMS website design. The use of IA becomes mandatory as the complexity of the project increases  and people requires that we have a disciplined process for development. Please contact us for details. One of our engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements.




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 WordPress - An ideal platform   for Lean Startup Strategy

WordPress - An ideal platform   for Lean Startup Strategy

Situational Analysis : 


You get up around noon one day and realize- you can no longer be a grad student any more. So you realize you have to  do something - why not start a business- like creating   something better products and services. Then you realize marketing and sales  are important and you know nothing about it..


You are smart and realize what if  the idea itself is not correct. What you should do. If you are arrogant and stupid, you will think, you will make products with superior features and people will come- this is not true at all. Look at all successful companies, they enter the market with crappy product and then refine it later.

 Take another example, in  software development- quite rarely customer, developer and  management has any clue what is going on. Most of the time upper management is uttering 20 buzzwords they have leaned  using  google search.


 In software we solve this problem using agile method.  Design- Test-Learn-Modify-add feature-implement and back.


Why not use the same method for business development. The Agile business development. This is called Lean Start-up. The very basic idea of business needs to be checked and tested and improved.


As your business evolves over phases, your website and marketing and sales need to reflect this . The static website is no match for this . Web CMS platforms like Liferay, Joomla and Word press are specifically designed for  rapid modifications.


 In  CMS you can change the content and looks effectively and rapidly with minimal disruption and effort.  This very fact makes Web CMS technology the perfect fit for Lean Stratup Stratgy.

With CMS technology we can change the  look and feel of the website very rapidly at each pivot.


If you are a small  business and looking to embrace lean startup in your marketing and sales, then WordPress CMS is the right technology for you.


WordPeress is a CMS that is simple and easy to use . WordPress is perfectly suited for brand development  and testing business ideas. What looks sound in paper may not work in practice. With Wordpress CMS you can change the content of the website to reflect  your experimentation. Once you see  increased traffic to your site you realize your ideas are working. WorldPress CMS helps with these experimentations.

Please contact one of our engineers for details and how you can get stated with Lean startup and WordPress




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6.0 Positioning- Al Reis- Video

7.0 Business Plan Generator and Value Canvas- Osterwilder- Slideshare








  Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing

  Growth Hacking- Viral Marketing 

Given the media hype that surrounds the term ‘Growth Hacking’, you can be forgiven for dismissing the whole thing as another marketing buzzword. But what can get lost in the hubbub are some useful, development-inspired, working practices that can help a team focus on maximizing growth.



In this Tech Talk, Rob Sobers, Director of Inbound Marketing at Varonis, tells you all you need to know about Growth Hacking. Rob explains what Growth Hacking is and describes the processes key for it to be effective – from setting goals, to working through an experimentation cycle and how it works in practice.

Rob was formerly a Support Engineer here at Fog Creek, and is the creator of his own product, Munchkin Report. He writes on his blog about bootstrapping and startup marketing.

Detailed Article


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