Full Stack JAVA Web Application Development

Many organizations need  web application development for business reasons. The technical requirement requires some one with full stack development expertise. However such expertise is difficult to get and if available costs are prohibitive. In  North  America  there is a shortage of full stack java development expertise.


 keencomputer Solutions provide full stack java development for small and large organization to fill the  skill gap. We provide  contract software development at an attractive price point.


Full stack Java development   relates to web application development that is hosted on  cloud platforms such and google cloud and or DigitalOcean[3]. Development of such web application requires understanding of complex technology stack and this is where main problem arises[4].

 Much of the technology stack is not taught at University courses and developer has to learn it on the job and or through specialized courses that is taught online.


Most web application is three  tire; front end- middle tire and back end

The front tier call for  knowledge of the following technology:

1.0 HTML/CSS and libraries such as twitter bootstrap

2.0 JavaScript and Libraries such as Angular and Reduce and Redux and View[1]


 The middle tire needs the following


1.0 Business Logic and framework such as spring boot and spring  MVC[2] frameworks

 Typically languages like java, php and ruby on rails MVC is used in middle tire


 Some times in memory database such as memcache[3] is used here to improve performance


In the end tire, We need the following:

RDBMS such as Postgres and Oracle
Many times NOSQL Database are used such as MONGODB
is used for BIG Data applications. NO SQL Database are used in Conjunction with Data mining and Predicative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.[3]

Operational Management of the web Application is managed by devops[4]. The Agile Design and specification capture is
generally managed using Behavioral Driven design process.[5]


Distributed Applications


Most Full tack Java applications are Distrusted in Nature. REST API  is used to communicate such Services. The above mentioned three  tier application is also made distributed  some times using Docker Micro Service Architecture[6]. 




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