IT Best Practices- DEVOPS


The top performing organizations know that they must adopt a continuous and collaborative IT delivery model to meet the ever-increasing market demands for more features, faster. DevOps is proven to produce faster deployments with fewer problems. And the leaders are seeing real business gains: they are 2.5x more likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals and have 50% higher market capital growth over three years.4 The market leaders’ results show us that DevOps is necessary to be competitive, but there are many challenges in the way. Fortunately, we have some experts to help. Recommendations in this eBook are based upon Gene Kim’s keynote presentation at the Dynatrace annual Perform conference and the book he co-authored, The Phoenix Project and the expertise of the Dynatrace Center for Excellence.


 Dev Ops is used for websites, e-commerce and application development. Customers requiring support, tranning and assistance should contact one of our engineers for consultation.


1.0 Devop Tools :  Tools for Devops

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