The "Jobs to be Done" (JTBD) strategy in content marketing


The "Jobs to be Done" (JTBD) strategy in content marketing for a corporate website involves understanding the tasks that customers are trying to accomplish and creating content that helps them achieve these goals. Here are some steps to implement JTBD in content marketing:

1. **Identify Customer Jobs**: Determine the main tasks your customers are trying to complete when they visit your website.
2. **Understand Customer Needs**: Analyze the needs and challenges related to these jobs.
3. **Create Relevant Content**: Develop content that addresses these needs and provides solutions.
4. **Optimize for Search Engines**: Ensure your content is easily discoverable by optimizing for relevant keywords.
5. **Measure and Adapt**: Use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your content and adapt your strategy accordingly.

For example, if a customer's job is to find a reliable software solution, your content should clearly explain how your products meet that need, perhaps through case studies, product comparisons, or user testimonials²⁴.

Additionally, consider roles like Content Strategist, SEO Specialist, and Digital Marketing Specialist, which are crucial in developing and executing a content marketing strategy³.


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