Let’s explore some of these challenges:


1. **Being Treated As ’‘Second-Class Citizens’**: When working with large technology companies (Big Tech), SMBs are often treated as ”“second-class citizens.” Their revenue levels can’t match those of larger clients, which affects the level of attention and service they receive. To address this, Big Tech companies should create a more flexible environment within their business specifically for SMBs, allowing them to meet the unique needs of smaller firms¹.


2. **Limited Bargaining Power**: SMBs typically have limited bargaining power when negotiating with Big Tech companies. Unequal partnerships and competing dependencies can hinder their ability to secure favorable terms. Big Tech should consider providing tailored products, equitable fulfillment models, and dedicated support staff to create mutually beneficial partnerships¹.


3. **Lack of Internal IT Departments**: Unlike larger enterprises, SMBs often lack dedicated internal IT departments to manage technology implementation and training. Big Tech can better serve SMBs by offering intuitive, user-friendly tools specifically designed for smaller businesses, accommodating their learning curve and resource limitations¹.


4. **’One Size Fits All’ Solutions**: SMBs find that Big Tech’s ”“one size fits all” solutions may not adequately address their unique needs. To improve service, Big Tech companies should offer customizable, scalable solutions and dedicated support tailored to the challenges faced by smaller enterprises¹.


Additionally, here are some common IT pain points faced by growing SMBs:


• **Rising IT Costs**

• **Short-Staffed IT Departments**

• **Inadequate Technical Skills**

• **High Employee Turnover Rate**

• **Lack of Agility in IT Road Mapping**²


Remember that addressing these pain points is crucial for SMBs to thrive in today’s technology-driven landscape. If you’re an SMB owner or IT professional, consider exploring managed services as a solution to alleviate some of these challenges⁴.


Canadian Small Business has multiple pain points related to business operation and growth. In this article we discuss your pain points related to information technology products & solutions and how Keen Computer can work with you to solve the paints points in efficient manner. That means keeping cost low and maximizing value in product service and solutions.


Any one can suggest solutions for unreasonable amount of money. How ever most IT providers fails to understand that business is slow, growth potential is negative and fear and uncertainty in present economic climate. So you may ask how we can solve your problem.


We examine your old computers and equipment and suggest upgrade and repair if that is more sensible, We upgrade and fix your website and e-commerce and digital marketing. After all what is the value of an website if you cannot generate lead with it. Have you asked that question, whoever maintaining your present website and e-commerce. IT Investment must generate measurable returns. Do you have an effective Measurement metric – Key Performance Indicator- KPI.


Keen computer tries to maximize KPI related IT service and solutions and demonstrate values in this difficult economic time. Many of our services are backed by money return guarantees. Just return it if you are not satisfied with product and service.


Our strategic Intuitive currently are

IT Cost reduction

Hardware Repair

Cloud Integration

Improvement of Organizational Efficiency Backup solution

Security Solutions

Update and Upgrade



We work with you and your existing IT people to work as a team to effect digital transformation and upgrade for your business.


We make sure our solutions and price fits with the jobs you are trying to do in your organization. It is our objective is to be efficient and effective in service and solutions we provide.


We trust we will be positive assistance in your endeavour. Please get in touch with us to explore specifics and details.







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